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International University Courses

"Música en Compostela"

Santiago de Compostela, from August 5th to 18th, 2018.


The international courses of "Musica en Compostela" refer, exclusively, to the information and interpretation of Spanish Music. Musicians of any nationality, with a high and recognized technical level, can attend these courses.


All students who are beneficiaries of a scholarship of  "Musica en Compostela"  will have the right to accommodation and board in the University Residence "Burgo das Nacións" thorough the period of study.


Registration fee for Scholarship Students: €380


(Those candidates who are not beneficiaries of a scholarship will be able to participate in the course as Active Students.)



All those students who have been been admitted but not as beneficiaries of a grant for accommodation and board, may participate in the Course as Active Students, under the same academic and participatory conditions that Scholarship Students.

If they so wish, these students might request of this Secretariat to arrange their accommodation and board in the same University facilities than the scholarship students. The amount of these services will be borne by the student who requests them, and shall be paid together with the registration fee.


Registration fee for Active Students: €380



Accommodation and board (for students who request it): €435



To be a Listener Student it is necessary to pay the registration fee. These students will be responsibly of their own accommodation and board managment.


Registration fee for Listener Students: €220.




⋅ Registration form duty completed

⋅ "Curriculum Vitae"

⋅ Photocopy of the identity card or passport

⋅ Two passport-size photographs

⋅ All supporting documents relating to the applicant’s musical training

⋅ Parental consent (in case the applicant is a minor)


All those applicants that, unless proper justification, fail to send all the documents required to participate in the call procedure, will not be considered as candidates for the scholarship.



All admission applications must be sent to the General Secretariat of "Musica en Compostela", via e-mail or via post mail.


Deadline for submission of applications:

from January 1st to May 31th, 2018


The registration fee will be paid within the term stated, after the applicant is admitted as an Active or Listener Student.


Once the period for the submission of applications is finished, and the documentation provided by all candidates is reviewed at the Teaching Body meeting, chaired by the Course Director, the scholarships of "Musica en Compostela" will be awarded to the students who have provided evidence of their high and recognized technical level.


All students who have submitted their documentation will be informed of the outcome of their application via e-mail in mid-June. They will also receive specific instructions about the pieces that they should bring and prepare for the Course.


All the students, wheter they are Active, Listener or Scholarship ones, will be able to attend to just one of the courses. Any exception should be solved by the Course Managing Board.



The students who have been awarded a grant and want to resign from the program, must notify so in writing and justify the reasons for his resignation, before 15 days of the start of the course. In the event of failure to submit the resignation within the term stated, the student would not be eligible for a new scholarship in the next edition of the Course.


The students who were granted a scholarship, and not attend the Course without having submitted the resignation, cannot opt for a new grant in the following two editions of the Course.


Students with repeated resignations or unjustified non-appearances, will be definitely rejected as candidates for the grants.


Students who wish to attend the Course and are excluded from the call for any of the reasons mentioned above, will be able to attend only as Listener Students, with all the expenses being borne by them.

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